Jesus is my life

Jesus is my Life

Jesus is the word to be spoken,
Jesus is the truth to be told,
Jesus is the way to be walked,
the light to be lit, the life to be lived.

Jesus is the love to be loved,
Jesus is the joy to be shared,
is the sacrifice to be offered,
the Peace to be given, the Bread of life.

Jesus is the hungry to be fed,
is the thirsty to be satiated,
Jesus is the naked to be clothed,
is the homeless to be take in.
Jesus is the sick to be healed,
is the lonely to be loved.

Jesus is the Blind to lead Him,
Jesus is the Dumb to speak for Him
is the Crippled to walk with Him,
the Prisoner to be visited,
the Old to be served.

Jesus is the Unwanted to be wanted,
Jesus is the Leper to wash Him,
is the Beggar to give Him a smile,
the Drug Addict to be friend Him,
the prostitute to remove from the danger,
and be friend her in Christ.

Jesus is my God and my Spouse
Jesus is my life and my only love
Jesus is my all in all
Is my everything, Jesus to me.